Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is the media portraying?

Recently, I was watching a popular reality show about couples (who have been thrown into the spotlight and would now be considered celebrities) who have marital issues. Marital issues are in many marriages, and this did not catch my attention. What did catch my attention is how appalled I was at how these couples treated each other, let alone what was being shown on television. These couples were very violent towards each other, to the extent that a foot was broken.

How are these types of activities acceptable to be shown on television, to glory them? What message does this portray to the generations who may be watching? Violence such as this would not be acceptable to be shown in television ten years ago.

Aside from these remarks, what have you observed within the last year in the media (omitting news stations) shows on television? Some may argue that these types of situations are the same as crime shows and dramas. But, they are very different in the sense that this is real life.

Crime shows and dramas are purposely made to be dramatic and do not affect real people. They do not affect people’s livelihood and way of living. They are purely for entertainment use. That being said, it is not okay for those types of portrayals to get more violent and not expect to affect viewers. A reaction is imminent, and will be negative. 

Part two of this blog will not necessarily cover the media but instead how celebrities affect the portrayal of violence. This is either by what they say, do or what they put out by their celebrity status (examples include photos and music). 

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  1. TV producer do not really care about those teens who may be affected by violence seen thesedays. They should take care of them. we may have experienced capycat and mimic of crimes resulted in killing