Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Defining Different Types of Violence

How many different types of violence is there? Are they all dealing with domestic violence? According to www.womenshealth.gov, the different types of violence against women are as follows:

            -Dating violence
            -Domestic and intimate partner violence (also referred to as relationship violence) 
            -Emotional abuse
            -Violence against immigrant and refugee women
            -Violence against women at work or women with disabilities
            -Sexual assault
            -Human trafficking

Oftentimes when women (and in some instances men) are the victims of violence it is not from a stranger. “Most often they are hurt by people who are close to them, such as a husband or partner. Whether you are attacked by a stranger or mistreated by a partner, violence and abuse can have terrible effects. You can get help from any physical and emotional problems.”

We can be more specific when it comes to domestic violence. Outlined below are the three main types of domestic violence:

            -Physical abuse. Examples include hitting, shoving, biting or kicking
            -Emotional abuse. Examples include yelling, controlling or threatening.
-Sexual abuse. Examples include forcing something sexually that the other person does not want to do

Abuse often starts as emotional and then becomes physical later. Sometimes it is hard to know if you are being abused, in situation such as this it is then hard to know when to get help. Seeking nearby shelters and coalitions can decrease the stress and hardships that this type of violence can create. 

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