Thursday, April 10, 2014

Resources Around SLC

 When it comes to resources, where is a good place to start? What types of categories are there? To narrow it down a little, one of the most important categories are state and local programs.

State and local programs can come in many different sizes and follow an array of services offered. These types of centers offer much-needed help to those who seek it. According to (which will list centers geographically is the Salt Lake Area is not what you are looking for) CLD3 Counseling located at 352 South Denver Street (440 E) in Salt Lake City provides counseling for a variety of services that include domestic violence and women’s domestic violence. The number for this center is (801) 521-4227.

The Domestic Violence Information Line provides a 24-hour telephone information and referral line specifically designed for domestic violence issues. This service also “maintains a database of shelters and safe-houses, licensed domestic violence treatment programs, victim advocate programs and local domestic violence coalitions throughout Utah.” The number for this line is (800) 897-5465. This is a great resource and should be used efficiently.

Changes Counseling in Sandy is one that is not to be overlooked. Located at 8221 South 700 East in Sandy, it “provides treatment for court-ordered clients and others seeking drug and alcohol counseling or mental health treatment. Provides individual and group counseling and educational workshops for children, adolescents, adults and seniors.” The number for this counseling center is (801) 542-7060.

One last center is the YWCA Women in Jeopardy located on 322 East 300 South in Salt Lake City. The hotline is (801) 537-8600 and the regular phone number is (801) 355-2804. This should be utilized by women who are needing that extra help on any of the issues previously mentioned.

I have highlighted these four centers and help-lines, but in reality there are innumerable options. I could not have touched base on all of them, but they are out there. Every major and semi-major city in Utah has shelters and resources for all victims of domestic violence to take advantage of. 

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